16 August 2011

Review: Cat Paradise

Cat Paradise: v. 5Cat Paradise: v. 5 by Yuji Iwahara

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Cat Paradise is, obviously, about cats. Cats are everywhere. Cats are talking. It's a cat-thing.

The artwork is perfect for the series, and Yuji Iwahara really has a good sense of showing emotion through posture and facial expressions. While the art is the highlight, the story does falter somewhat throughout the series. There is a severe lack in the overall direction of the story, and I really had no idea where it was going until the very end.

It seems like the series is searching for a place to go, and the final two volumes in the series are rushing to pull the strings together and wrap things up. While full of action and adventure, it still feels like somethings are lost - left behind.

There was not enough depth to the characters, despite lightly delving into the past of some. I get the sense that this series could have taken things a little slower, plot-wise, and worked more on character development just a little bit more. Even some the villains were running out of time, getting themselves jammed into a few pages in the final volumes.

Overall, it is an interesting story. I found the interaction between cats and human characters to be cute, and even amusing at times. The artwork is what really holds it all together, however, and though I may not read the series again in its entirety, I would recommend it to cat-owners, lovers, or appreciators. It has the charm many will enjoy and, perhaps, even a younger me might've enjoyed it just a little bit more.

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