15 August 2011

Review: ing the Ghosts of Ascalon

Ghosts of Ascalon (Guild Wars, #1)Ghosts of Ascalon by Matt Forbeck

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Ghosts of Ascalon is first of the books intended to bridge the gap between the online RPG, Guild Wars, and its successor, Guild Wars II. The book introduces a new race, the Sylvari, and takes us into a changing land of dragons, war, and a quest for treasure.

It should be said that I do play and enjoy Guild Wars. I bought this book because the in-game lore is of interest to me, and because I plan on playing Guild Wars II.

I would say the story was 'okay' - it's not spectacular or amazing, but it isn't terrible, either. The story is interesting, despite being predictable, and the characters are likeable. The thing is, you have to take this book for what it is. It is based off an RPG, it meant to connect the two games together, and doesn't go too in-depth on much of anything.

In the end, I did enjoy the book overall. It's just missing that extra little bit.

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