17 September 2011

Review: Ghost in Her Heart

Ghost in Her Heart (Darklands, #6)Ghost in Her Heart by Autumn Dawn

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

From Goodreads
Every man has a little beast inside...every woman longs to tame him. Where will you be when the beast roars for you?

The quintessential geek, Vana had never had a lover.
The ultimate warrior, Dagon had never had a wife.
Thanks to a rift in space, she's about to become both.

As a science fiction romance, the story is.. passable. I can't help but wish there was a little more science in the fiction, however. The ideas are there but not taken far enough, and I wish the author had taken that time to go more in depth with the world and technology she created. For a brief glimpse on a world raged with war and dangerous viruses, it works well enough. The writing keeps things moving along, but does not elaborate enough on the world - I cannot even tell you the name of the planet. Or country.  It is an easy enough read, but not a book I would particularly recommend or go back to.

When I located the book on Smashwords, there was no indication that this was a book in a series, let alone #6. Even reading the story I had no idea - not until I went searching for it on Goodreads to add it to my 'read' books. Which also makes me wonder if the title is "Ghost in Her Heart" or "Ghost in My Heart"? It's just not consistent between editions.

The main issue I had with this was the grammatical errors littered throughout the novel. I noticed multiple problems in just on one read - how does one miss all this? "Where" and "were" were mixed up more than once. Does the author know what proofreading is? One can't just spellcheck and publish... And, the thing is, this really isn't the only book of Autumn Dawn's that has this issue. I have read a few pages of Solar Flare (another book not marked as a series), before realizing the book was not for me, and within the first paragraph is a sentence missing a word. Normally, this does not bug me too much - I understand these things can be missed sometimes. However, considering how many times this occurs throughout Ghost in Her Heart and, I assume, more than one of her other books, I'd say it's something that needs to be given more attention. Leaving entire words from sentences shows negligence and is, simply, really, really lazy.

This is the first, and last, book I will read by Autumn Dawn. Apparently self-publishing an e-book makes it okay to publish half-finished work. This was just disappointing.

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