18 October 2011

CONTEST: Susan Bischoff's Talent Chronicles

Now, this is just cool.

Susan Bischoff is the author of the Talent Chronicles, which consists of three books. Well, rumour is that Bischoff  is running a contest on her blog for her next book in the series, Heroes Under Siege. (You should really check it out!) If you do nothing else... send an email to the address shown on the image and get that free copy of Hush Money.

I reviewed the book not too long ago and will tell you now that it is absolutely worth the read. It's a mix of romance, urban fantasy and a whole lot of action. And, after you check out the book, the contest is there for those who are up for a bit of something interesting. And the chance to be named in the next book. I am totally not being a geek about this.

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