13 December 2011

Johnny Wander #1: Don't Burn the House Down.

Johnny Wander Vol. 1: Don't Burn the House DownJohnny Wander Vol. 1: Don't Burn the House Down by Ananth Panagariya

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From Goodreads
Johnny Wander is about life after college, striking out on your own, and all the moments in between the adult stuff. This volume collects the first year of comics with additional material including never-before-seen autobio comics.

I have been following both Yuko and Ananth's work online for a number of years now, and their current project, Johnny Wander, has been a definite favourite. I have been reading the online comic since it began, and tend to go back and read it all over again every now-and-again. It's cute, funny, and very easy to relate to.

I purchased both this volume and volume 2, directly from the Johnny Wander website - there was a little bit of savings for getting both at once, plus the mention of little "extras" for those who ordered both. For me, these extras included a snicker, a little dinosaur felt sticker, and a temporary tattoo of a brontosaurus. Sure, they're not really anything major.. but it's cute and I am sure to put them to use at some point.

It's true that one can simply read all of these comics online, but there is definitely something to having a book to read, in one's hands. Plus, for all of the wonderful work both authors create, it's good to give a little something monetary back in their direction.

So, if you haven't yet done so, check out Johnny Wander. Start at the beginning, spend an hour or two, and just enjoy what there is to see. I also recommend checking out the posts below the comic (some are included in the book, while some are not.) In some cases it'll give you a little extra information behind the story, and even the comments section has some interesting conversations going on.

It'll definitely be worth your time. You don't have to tell 'em I sent you.

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