3 January 2012

Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie

Start Something That MattersStart Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie

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From Goodreads
Love your work, work for what you love, and change the world—all at the same time.
What most matters to you? Should you focus on earning a living, pursuing your passions, or devoting yourself to the causes that inspire you? The surprising truth is that you don’t have to choose—and that you’ll find more success if you don’t. That’s the breakthrough message of TOMS’ One for One movement. You don’t have to be rich to give back. You don’t have to retire to spend every day doing what you love. You can find profit, passion, and meaning all at once—right now.

In Start Something That Matters, Blake Mycoskie tells the story of founding TOMS, one of the fastest-growing young companies in the world, and combines it with lessons learned from such innovative organizations as Zappos, charity: water, FEED Projects, method, and TerraCycle, among others. Blake presents the six simple keys for creating or transforming your own life and business, from discovering your core story to being resourceful without resources; from overcoming fear and doubt to incorporating giving into every aspect of your life. And in the spirit of One for One, with every book you purchase, a new book will be provided to a child in need.
Start Something That Matters is the inspiring story of a movement, a manifesto for the next stage of American business, and a blueprint for the new generation of entrepreneurs who want to live a meaningful and successful life.

This book was given to me by Goodreads First Reads - it is not required that I review a book, but it is strongly suggested. Not that I need a strong suggestion to review a book.

First.. I knew nothing of Blake Mycoskie or his company, TOMS, before reading this book. The stories his tells of his own life, as well as that of others, is both amazing and inspirational. Even through this book itself, Blake uses his "One for One" model to give a book to someone who needs it, for every book purchased.

It's wonderful to see a company based upon giving to others, and find a way to do that while still making money. I could not help but think, while reading this book, that I should've paid for it - it's not right to get something like this, for free.


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