Alpha Archive

An alphabetical archive. Authors are listed first by last name, and then chronologically by series (if applicable.) If there are multiple authors for a book, only the first two will be listed.

Anthony, Piers - A Spell for Chameleon (Xanth #1)

Asano, Inio (浅野 いにお) - Solanin 

Bischoff, Susan - Impulse Control (Talent Chronicles #0.5)
Bischoff, Susan - Hush Money (Talent Chronicles #1)
Bischoff, Susan - Heroes 'Til Curfew (Talent Chronicles #2)

Black, Jenna - Dark Descendent (Descendants #1)

Britain, Kristen - Blackveil (Green Rider #4)

Chmakova, Svetlana - Night School: The Weirn Books Vol. 4

Chupack, Edward - Silver

Dawn, Autumn - Ghost in Her Heart (Darklands #6)

Duane, Diane - Omnitopia Dawn (Omnitopia #1)

Dudenhoeffer, Sara Steeves - Horse on the Loose (Pinto Mountain Series #1)

Elliot, Kate - Cold Magic (The Spiritwalker Trilogy #1)

Fletcher, Penelope - Demon Girl (Rae Wilder #1)

Forbeck, Matt - Ghosts of Ascalon (Guild Wars #1)

Greenwood, Ed - Dark Lord (Falconfar #1)

Graveyard Greg - Unexpected Relationships (Carpe Diem)

Hisamu, Oto (音 久無) - Hana to Akuma

Hocking, Amanda - My Blood Approves, Fate, Flutter (My Blood Approves #1-3)
Hocking, Amanda - Switched (Trylle Trilogy #1)
Hocking, Amanda -  Hollowland (The Hollows #1)

Iwahara, Yuji (岩原 裕二) - Cat Paradise Vol. 5

Jackson, C.C. - Stay (Callie Rose #1)

King, Robert J - Edge of Destiny (Guild Wars #2)

McClure, Marcia Lynne - The Tide of the Mermaid Tears

Nishikata, Mai - Hana no Kishi (Series)

North, Ryan - Machine of Death

Phillips, Marie - Gods Behaving Badly

Sanderson, Brandon - Elantris
Sanderson, Brandon - The Way of Kings (Stormlight Archive #1)

Sawyer, Robert J. - Wake (WWW #1)

Tanemura, Arina (種村 有菜) - Sakura Hime: The Legend of Princess Sakura Vol. 1

Unita, Yumi (宇仁田 ゆみ) - Bunny Drop (Series)

Wheaton, Wil - Just a Geek